Saturday, June 28, 2008

few things we enjoyed

palmtrees by night...

frozen youghurt (:

Friday, June 27, 2008

new niece & new uncle - and it was LOOOVE (:

Zio Christian (:

Aurora writing our names all mixed up

giving him a massage

giving her swiss chocolate.. mmmmmm (;

she took this picture of him

he took this picture of her

Road Trip

Oh nooooo, goodbye California
Hello Vegas again

Wednesday eeeearly morning

Music please! I drive, my music(:

We stopped. A guy was lucky enough to run out of road and with nothing happening to him. Quite scarry ... He was just in front of us!!

Dang dang HOT!

and finally water!!

Griffith Observatory


And it was fantastic!! Beside I fell asleep on the second show... I mean this never happens to me, but I guess was waaaay so relaxing, and I really loved it, looking up the dark sky, at stars and all. So beautiful. For sure I would go back. Also cause I want to see what I missed while sleeping hahahahahaha(:

Flowerman! I just loOve U

L.A. under smog

Who is bigger??? I think this is the biggest cookie ever. Christian is so proud to let you know, that is almost as big as his little head.. I don't think he's got a little head

Hollywood sign on the back

Ancora mareee!!


Last Sunday (:

June 23d
A cena da Jimmy McBride!! Che risate(:

Fantastic Friday part III

Celebrating our engagement, our love ... till the sun goes down.. we are in another world.

p.s. Sorry about .. huh mmm.. well not much clothes on. It's the beach though.

While looking at the sunset this British guy came up to us, asking if was ok to take pictures of us while we were playing with our camera and stuff. A "want to be photographer", the same night he sent us the pictures he took, and I love them (: Of course he had a much better camera then my little 6.0 mega pixels Sony Cyber-shot.. But hey, I love my camera is sooo practicle. Anyways go figure, this is the second time that this happens to us. First time was a photographer for the L.A.Times... hahahahaha!
Perfect way to celebrate our engagement, I'm so glad we have such great pictures to help us remember those special moments. So peaceful, so HAPPY.. This moments are beyond what I can explain. Just wonderful.

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