Monday, August 24, 2009

pretty much in love

I'm Christian's wife :)
and a Wedding Gown Designer and LOoooOVe it!
I did design my own dress .. wow is it a year ago?? Yes it is! What an experience. I'm really not used to design and make something for me, so it has been extremely an hard work. If on top you put a broken back that put me completely out of movement.. yea quite an experience hahaha!
I now moved to a different country, with all it's differences and I'm enjoying it all!

In my prospective
Life is made to be inspired, 
and I seek to find my inspirations 
in beautiful simple things.
Hopefully soon I'll be able to get back to work 
for all of you future brides out there!
Even you
still dreaming about that day, cause let me tell you.. 
That day will come, 
and you better be prepared for the most incredible of times!
You'll then realize once more that
faith is just a gift. 
Using it is a choice.
The outcome is an imaginable "stretched" discovery.
Life is a whole new world to be
and gratitude is an overwhelmed heart of happiness.
They say it's called.. 
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