Monday, November 24, 2008

my new home

I wake up now in this place. 

Sunshine outside ready to warm up like it was summer time, and it's great cause it is end of November. Nice warm air makes you just wonna stay outside all the time. Palm trees are welcoming me every morning as soon as I open my eyes. Squirrels must like them too cause they just won't stop running up and down all day long. Gosh and they are huge. Things are bigger here.. oh yes everything is bigger. Let's start from squirrels to fruits, streets, cars, houses, books, discounts, Movie Theater, chairs, decorations, stores and yes some people too.

It feels like Christmas every time you go in a store. Sooo much around, it is crazy.. Wow! If it feels like Christmas everyday, what is Christmas gonna be like???

The language is different here but it doesn't bother me, all is well.. kinda like I'm used to it already, like many other things. At the same time though I still feel on vacation.. You know after all to make it easier to leave my country I told myself I was gonna leave for a loooong vacation. It has worked very good till now, but now it is an adjustment still in process.

Inside there's not many things around, but it is very welcoming. It is warm with lots of light, clear. I love the light… I need light. Also it is bigger then I was expecting.  After empting my 2 suitcases I had a weird feeling. I then realized I really had  n o t h i n g  with me. The few clothes I brought with me in those few begs are now not fuelling the apartment, my time, my habits, my work, my activities or else.. Nop, but all is well. 

I wake up now in this place. 

It is different for many reasons, but mostly cause it is my home. He is my home. The one I've waited for so long to find. To actually find again.

The one that makes me oooh so happy like I’ve never thought possible. It has been calling me, and I almost gave up, I thought wasn't no more possible to find it. But here it is now, and everything doesn't really matter anymore. Cause I'm at home. That bright smile I love so much and makes my whole world. And this makes all your old hopes and dreams come true and make sense. Makes new things be born, a new life is born and new hopes and dreams are out there. New strength new joy and wish is out there. There is so much more to discover, so much more you thought never possible, but look! Here it is.. And here is some kinda new faith to help you seek it, find it and look for more.

Here is your chance to become more. It is an adventure, an incredible adventure, but field with so many colors all around and tones I've never seen before. Really?? Who would have thought colors would have so many more tones..?? 

There is so much new music, new things to look at. New shapes and forms are in front of me everyday. Some are familiar to me and some are just so normal, almost like they were supposed to be there long before. Till to the must surprising one called ‘husband”, but yea... again I prefer to call it my home. I love it! 

I love my home, oh gosh I love it so much.

Friday, November 7, 2008

(: (:

SIAMO SPOSATIII!!! ed é veramente stupendo (:

WE ARE MARRIED and it really is wonderful (:
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