Saturday, October 24, 2009

{Fort Contest} Where the Wild Things Are

For an early birthday present for my husband we went to watch  Where The Wild Things Are. Yes cause of all the things, this was probably the one he would like the most (he's getting 6 gifts this year.. do to his age ending with a 6).
We loved it so much! The funny thing is that because of the weird work's schedule my husband has lately, we ended up going on Monday morning at 11am. Do you know what that means? It means it was the schedule for Mom & kids movie time. We were the only couple with no kids. And beside the lights were not all off the entire time, babies crying, people walking around, we were just hooked to the movie and didn't noteced all that was going on. It really took us in a different world, the same world we were as kids.. or for some the same as they are in it now hahaha!

A fort's contest? I bet my husband would have gone crazy if we would have known it on time. Booooooom challenged readers to build their own fort, just like Max does in the movie. They posted all the entries, and winners, and oh how fun to take a look of other people's creativity. Here are some of my favorite, but go on if you want to see them all.

{contest on via Ohdeedoh}

Friday, October 23, 2009

{Ruffle me} Jacket

I love lOVE this Jacket from Free People

La Boulangerie et Brigitte

{Miss Dior by Sofia Coppola~ song Moi je Joue by Brigitte Bardot}

Cute.. Feeling a little French?? (don't tell my husband).
Makes you wonna fly to Europe and own a little Boulangerie... and a bike of course hahaha!

The parfume?
Oh well I'm not a parfume person at all..
Oh Chérie!
{via sprinkle in pink}

Thursday, October 22, 2009

{craft} baby crochet

I'm totally in love with this

and I want to make some.. granted I have no clue how to. I might know how to sew, but crochet is a different world.

One thing is for sure, I like challenge. I've figured there are some pretty cheap and simple patterns available on the net. Just need to find the one I really like, ha! here are some patterns I've found.

But this amazing pieces are so beautiful and unique and are available for purchase by Cricket Creations on ... snuggle snuggle..

{cucina} Persimmons/cachi & good old memories

It's time for another great recipe!

When I saw this at Cannelle et Vanille I gasped. Beside the beautiful food delights photography {have I told you I have a weakness for food photography? Yea a big one} Oh it does take me back in time. Growing up in the Italian part of Switzerland (the beautiful Lugano), there's plenty of persimmons trees all around. You see this great orange fruits decorating the landscape in harmony with the season. And not always because on trees let me tell you. Cause a lot of this fruit ends up on the floor and pretty well smashed on it.. yep. And that is a sad sad thing. But no matter what the color it brings is beautiful!

My dad is the biggest fan I know. When little I was a bigger fan myself and I've always been eating it the same way. Plain from the tree, with big bites! Oh and it is kinda messy hahahaha! The texture this fruit has is so unique. There's nothing like it. Goodness I can taste it right now just thinking about it.

I've never really thought I could make some creative recipe with it, and I've never took the time to think twice about it. For some reason I thought that cachi {persimmons} are one of those things you can't put in a cooked dish, just like.. mmm let's see, just like figs. Untill you end up knowing that you can actually do a lot with figs and persimmons.
And that goes along with the traditions I know.. There is no Swiss Italian traditional dish with cachi if not to be eaten fresh from trees, or ending up as jam.

Until today I didn't know it could be used as an ingredient of something special like this great recipes. And let me tell you, I'm on it! I'm going to try to make this very soon.

Poached Persimmon, Mascarpone and Marsala Sabayon and Pistachio Crumble Verrines
go here for this great recipe {by amazing Aran}

Persimmon Upside Down Yougurt and Olive Oil Cakes
go here for this great recipe {by amazing Aran}

{all images are courtesy and copyright of Aran Goyoaga at Cannelle et Vanille}

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

{Christmas} a new kinda wreath

Paper-Doily Wreath
{by Martha Stewart - how to}

I wasn't looking to make any wreath for Christmas, but this one really got my attention.
It is for sure very different from what I'm used to. I usually like the real thing. You know what I mean? Well, real fir branches, fir cones and so on.
But what I like about this one is the light. The simple magical bright lights effect of candles flickering in the snow.

It doesn't look too hard to make.
All is provided by Martha Stewart , here is the tutorial for you:

Tools and Materials

24-inch wreath form, (from
30-inch wreath form, ( ")
24-gauge wire
white spray paint
20-foot strand of white holiday lights
paper bouquet holders called "Biedermeiermanschetten"
(here is used ten 8.8-inch ones, twenty 6.4-inch ones, twenty 4.8-inch ones, and fifty 3.2-inch ones) from

Step 1

working on a covered surface, lay a 24-inch wreath form inside a 30-inch one. Attach them with 24-gauge wire at 6 to 8 evenly spaced points.

Step 2

In a ventilated area, coat combined wreath form with white spray paint. Let dry.

Step 3

Wrap wreath form with a 20-foot strand of white holiday lights (test lights beforehand), leaving the plug end unwrapped (as much as is needed to plug in).

Step 4

With scissors, widen the center-hole slits slightly in paper boyquet holders (here is used 10 8.8-inch ones, 20 6.4-inch ones, 20 4.8-inch ones, and 50 3.2-inch ones). Poke a finger through center hole of each bouquet holder (from front to back) to create openings lare enough to accommodate a lightbulb.

Step 5

Beginning with largest ones, place bouquet holders evenly around wreath, slipping a light through each hole so that bulb bases, not bulbs, rest against paper. (From time to time, hang wreath, and step back to ensure that the arrangement is balanced and attractive).

Step 6

Add remaining bouquet holders in descending size order, Use smallest bouquet holders to cover centers of larger ones and to fill in any gaps. Hang near an outlet. Unplug when unattended.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've got some ~ Food obsession

Have I ever told you I do have some food obsession in the art of Photography? Well, I do.

I'm not sure how this all started. Probably the fact I like la buona cucina, to cook since a little girl, and especially bake so much, and taking pictures, and to eat so much ...hahaha yea that all together makes it all possible. My dad sais I remind him of his grandmother when I cook. And that's a compliment from what I heard. I guess I have to thank that Italian part of me for that.

{photography by Karen Mordechi , via Sunday Suppers with recipes!}

Oh wait, I actually know how it started. It goes back some years, about 5 years ago? I happened to find a beautiful, very big calendar with this huge pictures of some food delights. Beautiful, beautiful pictures for such a cheap prize, I couldn't resist (bought it at Aldi / back then I think I was shopping in Kostanz, Germany with my dear friend Cathrin). I remember I bought more then one cause I thought it made great Christmas presents. I kept one for me and my kitchen and since then I used it over the years just for the beauty of those pictures. I've tried to track the actual photographer, but with no success.

It's only this past year that I got more accustomed with blogs and realized the many talented people out there in the making of beautiful images of such colors and tastes.

I've been thinking to start some kind of blog with the new discovery of food styling & photographers out there,  and maybe I'll do it one of this days. Of course the winning combination would be photography and great chef. Oh I love that combination!

I'm one of those who would like to get the recipes of what I'm so delighted of seeing. I can't just see something so dang good and not wanting to run in the kitchen to start making it on my own way, yea with a little twist. I rarely cook with recipes, or let's say I use them as a base and then go with my own mind. That's the fun of creation. But still you need that base and it's so much fun to see the creations of others. It inspires! There's a lot of talented people out there!

And believe me, a recipe with no picture, gives just 1/2 of what's his potential.

{pict. Aran Goyoaga , one of the greatest inspiring chef I've just found. I love her work! Take a look at Cannelle et Vanille}

Sunday, October 18, 2009

{kids} il Bavettone

I've been around kids enough to know they do get durty when they eat.. no matter what.

Come on, how many of  you have thought to grab a big tablecloth around their neck for the pleasure of seeing their clothes clean and neat with not even a little red sauce mark on it? And for the sake of our mental being, yep! I did!
Well, someone did put it in a design piece for all of us and I loOve it!
Bavettone is a huge bib made of tablecloth.

The past week I've been looking around for some cool gift ideas for baby boys, since I've been invited to 3 different baby showers. But oooh goodness I do have a big problem finding ideas for boys.. I might end up making some of this amazing Bavettoni ha! But wait, do you think they would end up getting spoiled with it?? I just think that as much as the kids can have a great fun making a mess hopefully learning to stay at the table to eat and not making food flying around even more, the mother is enjoying her piece of mind :)

{Great Design by La Baronne , via Ohdeedoh . Available for purchase here}

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shade on big SALE!

I just had to let you know..

I don't know if anyone of you know how much I loOve Shadeclothing, .. I DO!
Here it is up to 40% sale off   e v e r y t h i n g!
I don't really want to miss it! Especially since almost all my shirt got ruined in our stupid, and probably super old washing machine aaaaaaahh! Well no worries, now I can get new once hehe:)

go online on to get what's best for you!
Sale ends October 19th, you better hurry!

Monday, October 12, 2009

{Natale*Christmas} new colors!

I'm a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas. I pretty much like the old stuff. Red rouffles, white lights, wooden decorations, real greens, all with a bit of sparkle.
But I have to say, if I would change my style I think I would go with this ! I love, love, love this decorations, everything about it. I just don't know how much pink my husband could handle :)

I heart the amazing space of light Yvonne from Yvestown uses in her own living. With some bright colors, simplicity and even more bright white space, I think that's what I like the most.

I love how she combines traditional to new design. The beautiful Weihnachtspyramide that made me dream every Christmas growing up, with a background in new patterns of light greens and pink. Also you can find a cute pattern for this adorable clogs provided by Jenny at AllSorts , via Yvestown.

I know once you take a look you'll just keep going back to it :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

when Remodeling is an Art

Have no idea how to change your room, living room, kitchen, or old forniture?
I've just found this blog, and let me tell you I can't stop reading and see all the great work and amazing remodeling that Jenny from Pearl Street interiors {little green notebook} can do.
Great ideas on what to do with little things, take a look!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

October's moods

someone else personalized exactly how I've been feeling the past days

baking great autumn recipes mmmmmmmm... so good!
 and reading, reading and more reading!!

{by Sincerely Katrina }

Tea Party B-cake

Oh I really need to go back on baking...
Now you tell me, who wouldn't want a cake like this?

Serves 12 to 15 

2 recipes Chocolate Cake , thicker cake cut in half horizontally (3 layers total)
Strawberry-Cream Cheese Filling
Swiss Meringue Buttercream Cupcakes , mixed with 1 cup strawberry-Cream Cheese Filling
Rolled fondant, for decorationg


Spread 2 cake layers with 1 1/2 cups filling each. Stack: top with unfrosted layer. Frost with buttercream. Tint fondant: cut into flower shapes, and roll into balls. Garnish cake with assembled fondant flowers.

{all by Martha Stewart }

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

{Operation Nice} NICE Tips

My husband is the first person I have ever heard talking about himself as not being a nice person.. It's kinda funny actually, but in a way true.

You want to be nice but you don't know how?

Here, let this cute, adorable little girl give you some hints.

For more info go on

How a Sewing Machine Works

How a Sewing Machine Works

This is pretty cool...WOW! We can finally see it clearly!!
{via Swiss Miss}

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

{Ruffle me} please..?

There are few things that have never changed through the years. Few things I'll never get tired of: bright colors, flowers, and rufffffles. All in a good balance, good quality and semplicity, it describes how I am.

Here are few of the pieces I'm in love with right now. All from Anthropologie . Take a look here or even better, take a visit to the store where you can find much more. I worn you though it is hard to get out of it once you are in there. It is beautiful, and beautiful things all around you!

crazy Laundry

This to tell you how much I hate our washing machine!!!  See how smily is the sunshine?? NoT so much smiles our washing machine and dryer.. Our clothes are falling in to pieces..  sig!

{from book Duck and his Friends , artist Richard Scarry via Every Picture }

Monday, October 5, 2009

flowers anyone?

I might have just found a way to recive more flowers... :)

Beautiful work by Mary Ruffle at Pretty Good

Sunday, October 4, 2009

{knitting Inspiration} final choices

so I've finally found something I really like. Now I just have to make a final selection or combination:

I really really like all of them. Of course I would change some of the colors, but I like every piece for different reasons.

{You can find all of this on available for purchase, but me.. I'm gonna make my own!}
Top from left: Ivory Mohair hittite Shawl by TrendyKnitting, Heavenly chunky Scarf by Knittles , Beige Ruffle mohair scarf by crochetbutterfly .
Down from left: hand knitt Moss cowl by erngrn , elegant Light olive green shawl by Mucar,  and finally my first favorite the One button Neckwarmer by Knittles .

Saturday, October 3, 2009

{cucina} Pumpkin Pie Bites

If you thought Pie in a Jar where a great idea, well I think you will love this one too.
Another "mini" great delight!

I know you have already fallen in love with it, and so get to work! It seems very simple after all, and can you emagine this delights at Thaksgiving or.. ok, you might not be able to wait that long, I know!

{Great idea and a full description with recipe by Bakerella}
Love it love it LOVE IT!

Let me know how yours came out!
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