Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Sketchbook Project

my husband was just telling me how I should get back to drawing.. OOOH yes I need to. And  he was saying I should go get the stuff I need since I'm in Switzerland (where Im from) and I know where to get them. Only the shop I usually used to go is in Como, Italy. I don't think I'll be going to Como in the next week. I'm going home in only a week yahoooooo!!!
Anyways, I was looking around and ooh I fell on to this awesome project. This is just perfect, isn't?

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

It's a little different then what I'm used to but now you tell me if this isn't just perfect for a creative soul looking to express herself.

I love the idea, I love the work. I'm on it, I want to do it. It will be SO much fun :) I actually think my husband and I should make one together. His answer was "let's do it!". Yesssss even better!!!
Now all we need is to choose a theme and color.. hmmmmm. Knowing myself I might need to make more then one of this.

{the sketchbook project by arthousecoop, richardrudnicki, alinanimation }

Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm missing my hubby so much. I really can't sleep at night anymore.. not that I could before, but now it's getting ridiculous. So here I am not really up for anything but at the same time my brain is going all over the places. 
It just came to my mind when I sent my husband this link in february of 2008. I absolutely love this short movie. Gorgeous idea, love story. Absolutely magical just like our story :) I miss you honey!

Evol: "This romantic tale is shot in reverse to keep the story moving forward. Dazzle Films
Director: Chris Vincze
Producer: Wendy Bevan-Mogg
Writer: Chris Vincze
Cast: Rick Warden
Cast: Lucy Barker
Oh and Lucy Barker here is absolutely adorable. Love her!

{for much better resolution go on Chris Vincze}

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vive la Suisse, Schwiiiiz die beste!

We Won!!! and it has been a great crazy game. Thank you Switzerland!!!! Hopp Schwiiiiiz!

never knew I could get so excited about a game till tonight.. for more celebration go here

Hopp Schwiiz, Forza Svizzera, Vive la Suisse, Go Switzerland

If we win today, tomorrow 10% at Migros, I sure hope so :)

Tout le monde gagne avec Migros

Le cadeau Coupe du Monde de votre Migros: si la Suisse gagne contre l’Espagne, vous gagnez aussi 10% de réduction le jeudi 17 juin 2010 sur tout l’assortiment dans tous les magasins Migros, Melectronics, SportXX, y compris Outdoor, Do it + Garden Migros, Micasa, Obi ainsi que dans les restaurants Migros*.
Match de groupe de la Suisse:
mercredi 16 juin: Espagne – Suisse

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{little-project} will start this year

The past year I've been collecting little projects I want to make for our kids, and with our kids. Due to the fact I'm not even pregnant with our first this might sound a little crazy, but I don't care. This year as soon as I can I'm gonna start something and I can't wait.

This are a couple I've just added to the oh very long list. I just love the colored tee-pee and the fact my husband when I told him about it, said we should make one in our living-room even now just for ourselves :) Love my honey sooooo much!
Strawberries are my favorite, so I think this one is more for me hahaha :)

{tee-pee pict. via Lavande and Limes, strawberry sachets by Terrain via Lifeflix. It is extremely easy to make but if you need patterns and tutorials are all over. A few for you: by Lifeflix,  Bread and Button and Moda Bake Shop}

yea I'm a romantic

one of my weaknesses if you didn't know yet, are white adorable dresses. And with a retro large eyelet embroidery in a darling ruffle bust, ooooh joy! It is heaven.

Oh memories, yes I can't stop it lately but to think of the past. This beautiful embroidery takes me back to childhood, again. When dressing simple was oh so adorable and so perfectly feminine.

{beautiful beautiful dress by Spool No. 72}

Thursday, June 10, 2010

gardening is a serious thing

I love this pieces
I really like this bamboo garden markers. I should have thought to do something like this few weeks ago when I was out and about planting squash, lettuce, tomatoes and flowers. The Braided Raffia Hat is just for a good common sense. After getting the first tan, all you want is to save your face from early aging :)

I've been doing quite some good hours of gardening and ooooh thank goodness for gloves. Love them! Everything is easier, faster, just dang right with it.  I still have quite some work to do. My parent's garden is quite big and for next weeks I'm here I'll do all I can to keep it up. I still have some seeds of the gigantic pumpkin! Yep I do. Found it in California and sent it here to Switzerland.. Yea I know, not something you are supposed to do, but my dad is the master of pumpkin. I didn't resist to send some for his birthday last March. He didn't make it to use them, but I'll do it for him. I need to see this pumpkin grow, somehow I think he would be happy too :)
Last and not least some sun protection wipes to refresh and keep it up with the sun. I love to discover new things. I'd love to try this Nunki Weeder. Apparently cooper is better then iron and steel. It naturally improves the soil and strengthens the health of crops by increasing water retention and deterring slugs and snails. Also it makes planting easier as it reduces friction with the soil, as the curved blade effortlessly scuffles the soil and loosens roots. OOOH I need this for weeding the garden!!!

{Terrain is a spot to discover}


Mmmm I love raspberries. My mom has a freezer full of it.
This only cause my dad used to work out in his big, big garden everyday, all day long. He had a passion for it and never went too little with things. Here outside there's plenty of raspberry, blueberry and blackberry trees. It's lovely really. My dad was an artist of green, plants, fruit and flowers.

From the many things we need to do right now, I decided I need to help my mom get rid of all that raspberries before the new ones will come.. soon, in few months. We need to make space in her big freezer. I won't be here long, I can't bake too many cakes, tarts and all. Something light and not to heavy would also be advised. That's when I thought a good well made gelato is the answer :) In this house dinner could be skipped but not dessert made of gelato and wiped cream :)

So here I am looking up for recipes. Oh this is my world. From old recipe books I've found in the house, to new fresh ideas online. Oh there's quite a selection. Simple is the answer, but not without a little touch of mine :)

{picts.by my dad's garden, Raspberry Pavlova by Dr. Oetker , Raspberry granita by Good Food}

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

words on a wall

this truly made me smile..
and that is not a bed thing right now considering the sad family moment we are going through.

Truly a positive message to cheer you up everyday
love it!

{beautiful prints on etsy by Eva Juliet, via Simple Song}

Sunday, June 6, 2010

time to rest

it sure is for me, for us, for all the family. And so be it.. even if it's easier to say than done. There's sure a lot to do right now, but in between I'll find a pillow to rest on.

I'm pretty much in love with this ones by Tulu
I want to make some!

Love love love it! Reminds me of my dad and his work. Very similar in bright colors, their fabric, creativity in different design of models for pillows.. My dad rocks. I sure do miss him tuns already..

{by Tulu, picts via decor8}

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

there is great joy in the heavens today

my dad passed away this early morning

thank you for all your prayers and thoughts. thank you so much

{picts. via talkingtounicorns}
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