Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Atelier Banco - Malcantone/TI

Art, color, fuuuun!

U and Me

soon together


Up there, very high mountain.
On the way to our cabin.
Oh gosh I love it up there. I forgot how beautiful it is. I haven't been in sooo long. The air is so dang amazing different. Oh yea.. I wish you were there so bad(:

hahaha, yea our cabin up in the mountains is a house of memories. This was one of my favorite toys. Now is Aurora's favorite(:

My dad built the all house and guess what.. it's still not finished. Or I think he find a way to still have stuff to do with it, cause that's what he's so good at. Oh gosh he is(:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Oposition and faith-against each other or working together??

While over this side of the oceans life is freaking out cause is a stuck back, having to do nothing and not able to move but to lay down with 100 pillows under 100 parts of your body in order to make it better. What's funny is that at the same time and at the other side of the oceans things are just going great. I mean don't you see? There is nothing that will stop us. Yea well.. might put you stuck in bed for a while, or without a car for days but not even that will stop us!!!!!!
Everyday is a surprise of what will  happen and what we have to go through, but at the same time there's no way we won't be able to overcome everything. A way is made, and as long as we do our best and endure in it, we'll make it !!!! YES!!!!! 
This again, is reassuring. This again is great to see and to know. Cause goodness... it IS hard hahahahahaha(:

lettera per Zio Christian

Ciao zio Christian come stai?.. (and yes she writes her name herself)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

rules of engagment #3

expect forces of opposition and obstacles that either distract you from what you need to do in order to get married, or those that seem to block your path completely. engagement is a time of accelerated growth. during this time we all become painfully aware of everything that stands in the way as well as realize what effort is required to overcome them.

“Pain is a great teacher. Yet the greatest teacher imparts little wisdom if the student has not the eyes to see and ears to hear. I write this so that we may benefit from our suffering and triumph over our pain… and in the process become better, stronger, warmer, more compassionate, deeper, happier human beings – realizing that the ultimate value of pain reduction is not comfort, but growth.” - G. R. Schiraldi, Conquer Anxiety, Worry, and Nervous Fatigue: A Guide to Greater Peace, from the foreword.


naomi and i had this conversation way back when we were still deciding on a date to get married. the coversation went something like this: our marriage isn't going to be that difficult. we are so on the same page with nearly everything. we communicate so well, and we nearly think the same thoughts (though hers are in italian and mime are in english, mostly.) what will be difficult is the "getting married."  so let me introduce you to the obstacles we were facing this last week. 
1. making sure the immigration service forms are all filled out correctly and then turned in quickly. they said that it can take up to six months to process (ours is a simple case which should take about 2 to three months) - we're betting on the fact that all of our forms will be filled out correctly. government forms are like taxes. if you take the time to do them correctly, then the process is fast. so all this last week, i have been going over every possibility of how to file these forms, which forms to file, how to submit evidence supporting the nature of our relationship, and such. pretty much, if there is a question about how to bring your finacée into the United States, i have researched the answer. it' really not that difficult if you provide all the information up-front, not trying to hide anything. so that is what we have done. and luckily if there is a question, the immigration office that processes these requests for the entire western US is just 40 minutes away. hahahahaha, we lucked out.

2. the next this is that i am having to move. that's right, last week i was told that we had a week to vacate the house in which my roommate and reside. so suddenly, i had no place to live. and then i had to pack everything up with no place to move to and no where to put my things. well that was remedied by naomi's stroke of genuis. i will be spending two weeks in portland on a film shoot, and i just needed a place to stay for two weeks during the month of august. and yesterday, i found a place - with a bed even.

3. yesterday upon returning from orange county, my car stalled just as i was getting home. so, again suddenly, i was without reliable transportation. my porsche had needed a new fuel filter for quite some time, and yesterday after reaching speeds of a 135 mph on the raceway we were filming, the fuel filter finally clogged. yes. it will run for two blocks and then clog again. it took me nearly three hours to find a fuel filter, and finally after calling 17 auto parts stores, i found one. i'm installing it tonight once the sun goes down so it's not so hot.

so, there you have it. and this is just one week. if i were to go into detail about everything else that has happened during the weeks previous, i think that it would be just too discouraging. for everyone else, think you for your love and support.

I finally get to see you all together

I love this picture.. and same smiles(:
Can't wait to meet you all!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Conny, ci ricorderemo questa giornata... hahahaha!

U asked for it.. (;

You wonna know what's going on?
mmm.. probably the longest time pmsing ever, so... no you don't really wonna know what's going on in my mind hahahahahaha! Beside Christian finds it sooooo funny... great! Still don't know if that is a good thing or not, but well I'll find it out soon enough.

Ok so, here are the things going on: 
I've been trying to not miss Christian too much every single second of every each one of my days.. but well, not really working. You would think the more you get busy, the more that would help. NOP! It does the opposite!!!!!!!!! Oh gosh, that's a problem.
I've been trying to decide what kind of dress to make for myself. The hardest thing ever! Almost went and bought one, but finally found what I want, made a sketch that nop I'm not posting here. Been planning my days, my weeks, our wedding, our receptions.. how many again? Oh yes 3! Nop not weddings, but receptions (:
Been working every day sometimes 6 hours sometimes 11 hours and enjoying it, cause I get to spend great time with Conny(: Been waiting to talk to Christian every second of my days, been living life like if he's right here with me, cause yes sometimes I still turn to talk to him and realize he's not there... oh gosh, that sounds a little freaky hahahahahaha!
Been waking up every morning and been surprised  with some news for us. Everyday something happens that we have to deal with and fix. Been laughing at how crazy it is this loooooOOOooove that we feel/live for each other... I mean really, we could even sound cheesy to some, but oh gosh is soooo not. It's way something else then cheese, but can't really explain it sorry! Been sharing this moment with people that really loves me, and oh gosh it is so beautiful.
Been looking at the sunshine in the morning and realize today I'm a little closer to him. Been praying, been thankful, been remembering to exercise faith, and been thankful again. Being eating way tooooo much and way noooot enough... I need to stop this now or I'll have to make an XL dress for me. What would help? ..mmmmm "let me think about that!" hahahaha(;
Been talking to Christian and looking at him while moving his stuff, while he's writing me, while he's smiling at me, while he tells me how much he loves me, while we look at each other and feel the strength of our love overwelming  our eyes with tears, while he falls asleep, while he snores!!! YEP u did! hahahahaha. While he's looking so dang great..!!! While he's being so dang cute. while I just wish to be there with him, while i wish him to be here with me and experiencing all that I am right now. Cause there's so much I wish I could show him here.
While he tells me his news of the day, while we are trying to fix a daily task that is popping up from nowhere giving us an hard time. Another hard time.
While I've been talking to him and falling asleep at the same time.. every night (my nights). While praying together before going to sleep and feel how close we are...(:
I mean really, my question is: how in the heck can you do that without skype??????? Yes I've been WAY thankful for skype, cause believe me that is saving my life!!!! I wouldn't been here talking right now, ... nop. In some things I'm so way not patient unfortunatly.
Being laughing with my niece Aurora, being driving a lot lately, been looking around saying "oh gosh I live in such a beauty all around me!", and been saying almost goodbye to everything I see, everything I do, everyone I meet even if don't really know them like the post men hahahahaha! realizing much of this I won't see for a long time. Been so greatful for finding true happiness in my life and now making it soooo complete with Christian, finding another dimension that I didn't think possible, or didn't know possible.
Been talking in 4 languages, been up to some funky new work's adventure with Conny. Been so tired, been waking up after few hours of sleep cause I can't wait to see Christian. Been talking with people I know and I don't know about my wedding. Been working on everything we need to do in this 3 months of time we still have. Been stresssssssing a lot and been remembering to breath a lot, but actually not doing it enough as my stomac is hurting again. Been not stressed as i remember that I only need to do my best and exercise faith for the rest. Been going to buy fabric and other stuff for wedding gown and flower girls dresses. Been going to Como (Italy) a looooot lately. Been waiting for Sunday again.. that will say another week is gone!
Been waiting for October soooo bad, been shrinking a lot the list of things I'd like for my wedding. What's left is the cake(; Hopefully we'll have that hahahahaha!
Been spending some quality time with families, relatives and friends. Been talking to people I love and that loves me about Christian. Been having this great experience to feel the love and support of people that loves us so much(:

The truth is I can't really enjoying anything anymore, I can't really be busy enough to not miss him, I can't eat or not eat enough to feel better, I can't fall asleep without seeing him even for a quick "ciao bello". I can't really talk to anyone without saying with the biggest smile almost in tears "I'm getting married!!!! and have Christian in front of my eyes, I can't experience nice moments cause I just wish him to have that moment too.
But I can love Christian, I can work everyday to make it a little more possible to be soon together, I can do my best. And I can pray and try to have a little more faith, cause everyday a way is shown to us and everyday I see a help and a hand on us that is greater then what thought possible. It is an incredible experience and believe it or not, in a way I'm enjoying all this. I'm enjoying stay away from Christian, cause all this that is happening is giving me so much more experiences that are so unique and that I'll always remember(:
So thank you, thank you for going crazy for how much I miss Christian!! hahahahahaha!

Monday, July 21, 2008

rules of engagement: #2

because of things i recently learned during this past week and yesterday, this is a three parter:

1. always make sure you have a place to live.  most times this could go without saying unless you have a crap roommate who forgets to pay the rent with your money (not to mention your fiancé will find your situation a bit more comfortable knowing that after she marries you, the both you have a place to sleep.)

2. make sure you watch Eddie Izzard before the two of you first kiss.  doing so ensures that you will be able to enjoy Eddie Izzard after the first kiss and through out the whole engagement because she didn't leave you after the first viewing.

3. if you ever wake up in italy not knowing how you got there, grab some poor guy's moped, zoom by a crowd of young college students visiting from, eh, i don't know where, and say: "Ciao."  not only will you look really cool, but you will look like you've lived there you're entire life.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

we made it 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!

other 13 to go.. Yes I am happy!
I love U

Week-end with Menja.. priceless!!!

COMO (Italia), mercato e altro. 
Dei giorni stupendi passati con un'amica stupenda(:

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