Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hands on Small Business

guess where I'm going?

I just found this, and I'm not gonna let this great chance fly away. SO here it is:

Kirsty and Microsoft have teamed up to host 100 more Hands on Small Business workshop from October 5th to November 20th, in 20 cities across the United States and Canada. All for FREE !
The sessions will offer practical advice, direct instruction, and application tips for free online and media solutions that help entrepreneurs and small businesses.

I'm attending the one closest to me here in LA, but I figured if they are that good and I'll find myself up in Portland why not attend one there too? Here is the list of cities and dates. Very easy to register.
Are you excited as much as I am?

{thank's Liz from Say Yes To Hoboken .
I just descoverd her this morning and look what she brought me!
She's the one teaching this workshop in San Francisco }

dreming a little

Lately I'm all over the places. I won't explain why and what's going on with me cause I'm trying to figure it out myself. I just say that's what fall brings to me. But mostly I'm in a Christmas mood and crafty one.

The past days I've found out that my husband would like to take me to Portland on our first anniversary. Yes you heard it right, it is our first in exactly a month! .. ~~ ':) !!..;"~ :)!! .. ;;"!~:).. that's me giggling like a little girl right now hahaha!

Anyways, it would be a big stretch for us right now if we get to do that, but oh it would be so great!
See family and friends? That's what I need right now. See the beautiful Portland? Oh goodness FINALLY! Get to walk in some rain? I heart good air! especially after being sick for 2 weeks around this bed air of fires here in LA.

So I'm all over the places. I'm dreaming like a little girl about some family and friends quality time, the gardens, the greeeeen around you, the noises and smells of a new city and.. Saturday market. Oh and art galleries??.. Oh and it's gonna be Halloween.
Yea ok I admit I've already been checking online for events of the season and offers at the market , cause.. I just can't wait :)

{pictures by Sara} I might finally get to see it :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

{cucina} Pie in a Jar

I don't know how they came up with this idea, but can I tell you how much I loOove it..??

Brilliant idea and work from Our Best Bites
Where you can find not only the recipe but an accurate step-by-step explanation on how to prepare your own fantastic Pie in a Jar!

Then for an absolute adorable dress, go to LollyChops , where you can find the cutest design for this tags . You really don't want to miss instructions and details for a chance to download this beautiful tag set especially made for this recipe.

Oh what a perfect package! Thank you Our Best Bites ! This is adorable and yes I'll be making some very soon. Christmas Gifts included :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

c'mon get happy

today I got the cutest gift from my husband.
I've heard this song the past week at list 4 times and it got stuck in my head. Well not only, it just makes me move and giggle like a little girl.
So today I got this song and I start thinking it is so that my husband can see me keep on giggling :)

"because I'm not romantic

your marito"

{in the pict. Anne Hathaway via celluloid voice }

{get happy by Judy Garland }

Friday, September 18, 2009

.. mmM~eringue

an amazing design that let me with... some cravings!!! oh no!

Can you even tell at all??
On the top, some great French Meringue by Cafe Lynnylu .
On the bottom Meringue-Rings design by Tanja Hartman, via Cool Design . And when I mean rings, I mean that round shape thing you put on your fingers.
But be careful. If you think you can put this on and suck the delishes, soft,  tasty wipped egg whites and sugar mixture on the way to work, shopping or simple a walk, well.. you are wrong. This amazing rings are made out of industrial grade silicone. They are available in 3 different sizes and yes they look so dang delicius. Take a look, they are available at charles & marie .

mmm.. I'm not even hungry but well I guess that's what cravings are for. Some kind of palate torture??
Cause this left me with a big craving for one of my favorite desserts, la torta Meringata.

An Italian soft mixture of cream, egg whites, sugar and... more delicatesse all in a beautiful frame of meringues and stored in a freezer to become a delicius ice cream cake.
OOOOOh mmmmm it just won't get out of my head.. All I've got to do now is get over this dang flue and go back to bake for the love of beautiful cravings!!!

La Meringata recipe in Italian here and in English here

{pict. left by MeM Dessert,  right by Profiterol 2002}

{inspiration needed} for knitting scarf and something else?

for the past few years, every year around autumn/fall time, I knit a scarf for myself.

It has become a yearly goal of mine and I'm not sure how it started. I think mostly cause I really, really like fall time. Also when it comes to apparel, I love the cozy things you can wear while it's cold. This season brings out some of my favorite things to wear. Long knitted sweaters, big collars, long scarf...ooh yea!
Usually the scarf I see around that I really like are dang expensive and I just don't dare myself to spend that kind of money on it. No way! I rather spend that kind of money to buy the kind of wool I like to make it myself. Then at list it really has more value then buying it already made.

Another reason is that I give myself a chance to make something for me. I rarely do make something for myself and so it is a way to take care of me... at list once a year. Hey it all starts in baby steps right? :)

Well I don't knit a lot at all, I used to when I was younger and in school, so I really need some help with it. Usually to start out with it, then I can handle it. Believe it or not I don't have that great of memory when it comes to knitting. In a year long time I forget all the stitches I did last fall. So how do I do this now?

Well you should know I have a great aunt. Zia Mariuccia or Mary and she's the greatest at anything you call knitting. SO yes, I usually drive my aunt and I down to Italy around Como area (about 30 min. away from my home town Lugano-CH) to get some great wool, choose from amazing colors while taking a chance to taste some great Italian delicious food.
Then we spend an evening together where I usually drive her  CRAZY cause I don't want to make just any kind of scarf, but I kinda have to try out different things until I like it just the way I want it hahaha! Yep I usually know what I want, and.. I like challenge. It might end up looking simple but it won't be easy.. (this kinda sounds like the theme of my life hu?)

This year I'm way faraway from my zia Mary, but C. and I are planning to go visit home in Switzerland sometime between now and Christmas. So I need to be ready, cause a scarf has to be made also this year. And I'm actually thinking to also make something else in addition to it. A hat, or some kind of baby piece? I've got a ramble idea, but I still have to get the right inspiration.

So.. inspiration come to me! help!

{pict. on flickr by brenda and by elinknits}

Thursday, September 17, 2009

today it is fall time in my heart

I know it's kinda early to feel like fall time in LA, but belive it or not I feel it today. Probably me still being sick has something to do with it. But hey all I can think is this, and so be it!
Flickr is a great place for peaceful slideshows of great photography.

{by natashaP }

{by elisea }

{by Luo Shaoyang }

{by natashaP }

{by erin darcy }

{by natureluv }

{by natashaP }

{by carlaMia }

{by natureluv }

she is a greek goddess

Oh I love !
Today this are my favorite. Tomorrow, I shall see.. :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009


Isn't he adorable?
When I saw this I thought - "Oh my little Christian" hahaha! 
Then looking at the apparel I realized that I'll probably have to buy a collection of this cute little T-shirt for all our future little Christian :) 
"But wait I wonder if they have some for male, to give to my "big" Christian. Would he wear it? That snail might be a little too feminine for him. Maybe not, after all he is wearing the cap I gave him that says "Lost in Switzerland". 

And this is the day I discovered Little Bay Root and the snails of Gardener's torment  thanks to Sara .
Love the snails! I want one! I'll be back to check out more things soon!

almost real

The time for indoors is coming. Aren't you excited about fall and cold weather to come? Take a look at these cozy unique items. They are amazing! I couldn't believe it when I first saw them. So original and most of all knitted!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I need some tools

Oh I feel like this today

Oh goodness, I need to go get me some tools again and start drawing!!!!!

{by Invisibleman }

Saturday, September 12, 2009

under the weather {for Two}

we are at home and sick... It is the first time we find each other sick together and it's not a good thing... only we are in good company :)
How sick are we? Well let me just tell you I just rediscovered the feeling of horsey-ride on C. legs... hahaha! yep we are that sick :)

{tea for two} for the peaceful moments
I love this picture by Dimitri Caceaune who calls himself an experimental photographer. I would honestly take that word experimental away. I love his work!

and a {scrabble pillow fight} for the crazy once.. hahaha! Yea still with looOove.
Check out the amazing work of Stephen Read Industrial Design , via Zeynep Kinli Wordpress

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

{Fiorellino} all things ~ flowers

I've always liked flowers so much and I still get surprised by its beauty and inspiration. I don't think at this point I'll ever get tired of it.
It is one of my biggest inspirations, and I love it in so many ways. Fabric... oooh beautiful fabric!
Again, since at this time my resurces are litmited, I just want to keep building my own inspirational portfolio/board right here, so that when the time comes I'll be ready. I'll just be able to have my thoughts strait up and just go to work back to my creations. Oh can I tell you how much I can't wait???.... 
So get ready for more and more colors, shapes, styles of beautiful flowers. If you are a romantic dreamer, this is for you :)

{fiorellino} from Italian in English {little flower}
beautiful picture by Eu Carlos Filipe via

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a new place to be inspired

moving to a new place, new country and such left me with very little I used to work with, pass my time with and get inspired. And let's just say it: inspiration keeps me alive.
I then discovered the life of blogging which kept me company for a good 7 months. Oh gosh what you can find around! It is amazing!
I like to use my hands, see images in front of my eyes on a piece of paper, touch material, make shapes with my hands, color with real pencils ect, make my own inspired portfolio with scissors, glue and all kinds of materials and object I could find. "Upholster" the wals with my own projects, and inspiration boards.
But again, the resources have been very limited and so here I am, discovering a new world of digital colors and shapes, where well yes you can very much get inspired.
 And so be it. I started this blog turning 30 years old, not knowing exactly where my life was going, but very much excited for the adventures to come. And I have to say, my life did change big times. I've found my home finding the love of my life, my husband. All this experience and the few years before have opened up new ways, new doers in my life that truly make me happy like never before.
I now want to just keep going, get inspired by the goodly, simple things that make this world so dang fantastic!
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