Tuesday, November 3, 2009

paper blooming INTO flowers!

I'm trying to decide how to make our Christmas Cards this year. I need to go the cheapest ever, but I like the handmade stuff... so that could be tricky.

When I saw this I couldn't believe it! But yep, it can totally work. It reminds me when I was little and in elementary school we made paper. Makes me want to add some seeds now in it, cause this is a great idea.
Cards can be beautiful, but how many of them end up in the trash leaving nothing??

And I have to say I even like the design on it. They've made such a great veriety of cards for any occasion. From favor tags, business cards to Christmas Cards..

To know more about how this works, who makes it, the great design behind it and where you can buy it, well it's all by Botanical Paper Work. Check out their photo gallery of "paper in bloom"! Fantastic!
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