Thursday, May 29, 2008

The best of Vegas



Rob and Kjerstin said...

Ok, this one is really, really old, but I had to comment! The Bellagio was my favorite part of Vegas!! When we first got there I hated it because of all the nasty pictures I was handed by people on the street, the smoke, the gambling, the fact that my sister made fun of me while we walked through casino's because I wasn't 21 yet so I had to stay on the "red" part of the carpet...(sorry that was a really long sentance haha. But when we say the water show at the Bellagio, all of a sudden I LOVED Vegas!!

Those are awesome pictures and yes, I agree... you need to get new pictures on here!! haha

Naomi Alice said...

I know, there are really few things I like in Vegas and since I just got back here with Christian this early morning (we are died tired. He's sleeping but Aurora won't let me do that.. yet hahahaha), I've got to take him to see those fountains show.. Love it! (:

Ok and I still need to post moooore pictures of the last days, cause are beautiful pictures... at the beach and all.. all happy (:

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