Monday, July 28, 2008

Oposition and faith-against each other or working together??

While over this side of the oceans life is freaking out cause is a stuck back, having to do nothing and not able to move but to lay down with 100 pillows under 100 parts of your body in order to make it better. What's funny is that at the same time and at the other side of the oceans things are just going great. I mean don't you see? There is nothing that will stop us. Yea well.. might put you stuck in bed for a while, or without a car for days but not even that will stop us!!!!!!
Everyday is a surprise of what will  happen and what we have to go through, but at the same time there's no way we won't be able to overcome everything. A way is made, and as long as we do our best and endure in it, we'll make it !!!! YES!!!!! 
This again, is reassuring. This again is great to see and to know. Cause goodness... it IS hard hahahahahaha(:

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