Monday, July 21, 2008

rules of engagement: #2

because of things i recently learned during this past week and yesterday, this is a three parter:

1. always make sure you have a place to live.  most times this could go without saying unless you have a crap roommate who forgets to pay the rent with your money (not to mention your fiancĂ© will find your situation a bit more comfortable knowing that after she marries you, the both you have a place to sleep.)

2. make sure you watch Eddie Izzard before the two of you first kiss.  doing so ensures that you will be able to enjoy Eddie Izzard after the first kiss and through out the whole engagement because she didn't leave you after the first viewing.

3. if you ever wake up in italy not knowing how you got there, grab some poor guy's moped, zoom by a crowd of young college students visiting from, eh, i don't know where, and say: "Ciao."  not only will you look really cool, but you will look like you've lived there you're entire life.


Naomi Alice said...

Yep I agree hahahahahaha(:

Rob and Kjerstin said...

Ok I think this is officially the longest you have gone without posting anything!! What is going on?? Where are the stories, the pictures, the randomness that I count on, almost on a daily basis!!

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