Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vegas baby!


Rob and Kjerstin said...

I love how you took all the pictures and made collage with them. It looks so cool that way!!

Naomi Alice said...

oh thank you(:
Well I figured beside I'm behind with posting everything, I've got too many pictures to be able to choose just couple, so there it is... hahahaha(:

Rob and Kjerstin said...

Such a smart idea... I'm not quite that computer savy to do that with my pictures, but lately we haven't had a ton of exciting things going on to take lots of pictures of so I'm ok for now... just wait 3 1/2 months, I'll be taking SO many pictures in Atlanta!! Seriously so excited and I can't wait to actually meet you... haha I feel like I know you, but we've still never met! :)

Naomi Alice said...

the thing is that you don't really need anything very exciding appening... I mean 1/2 of my pictures are of flowers and trees hahahaha! But yea get the point.
Next 3 months will be of me going crazy... probably I won't take pictures THEN (:

You know what? I feel like this blog is for us two, as you are the only one I talk to on this, and it's so much fun(: Yea it's gonna be fun to finally meet you. And thank you for all your help.. I mean let me tell you. Most of the times we call you is cause Christian is stressing about things hahahahaha, but I know that he actually truly wants to hear from you(: I just love to be part of it(:

Rob and Kjerstin said...

Going CRAZY or not you better keep this thing updated!! You are marrying one of my brother's that I am the closest to and it's been so fun getting to know you that I don't want to loose touch and then have things be awkward at the wedding... you know what I mean??

Anyways, it is really fun that we have our own little existance in the "blog" world! Phone calls don't always work with timing and all, but this blog is a perfect solution to that!!

Flowers, trees, you can even take pictures of rocks if you wanted to, I would still check your blog daily!! ...hmm maybe I'll do that, take pictures of more random things like a rock and try and come up with something profound to say about it hahaha... well we'll have to see.

Ok, last note because this comment is getting long and Rob wants the computer hahahaha :)

I love that you and Christian have found each other!! You are a perfect addition to our family and the friendship I have with him!! Growing up we always joked that whatever girl he chooses, I have to give the final approval... and you definately have it!! I'm so excited to be able to spend time with you guys and just hang out since you won't be that far away!!

Just keeping breathing through the next couple of months and you'll survive... it won't be fun, but I said "survive" not "things will be so wonderful that birds will be singing at your windowsill every morning to wake you from your pleasant dreams!"...well maybe just one morning, I mean that always happens in disney movies where they live happily every after, why not for the two of you?? hahaha :)

Rob and Kjerstin said...

ok don't try and perfect your english based on my comments... I just read through some of mine and realized that I am very poor representation of the proper use of the english language!!! hahahaa

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