Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We made it 2 DAYS!!!!!!

Two days have gone by.. Wow, I'm impressed. But guess what. For some reason I'm still in Zurich. Yes I should have gone home yesterday, but my jet leg is killing me right now and... Well maybe the reason is that I DON'T really want to go home. I kinda want to stick around the airport, in case I'll win a lotto, or win a gamble and can catch the first flight to go back to Christian!!!!!

Ok now, if you really want to know my first thought landing in Zurich, would be a list of sooooo many things I can hardly understand how all that stuff can fit in someone's brain, and come out all at the same time.
But that was interesting. I was fighting with myself, trying to manage with my positive and negative thoughts and make it all positive. But then hey!!!! Can I be negative for once??? Yes I can, so let me be and say this:

THERE'S NO WAY I CAN STAY 3 1/2 MONTHS WITHOUGHT SEING YOU! NOP! aaaah, i feel better now.

This was my first thought, touching Swiss ground. Not that I wasn't thinking the same on Vegas ground or a week before leaving or 3 weeks before leaving. But come on, we just made it 2 days, and it doesn't get any easier!!
There is just no sense to be faraway, no sense to not be together..

Anyways, this is my theory: maybe once I say it out loud and take it out, it will come easier now on. Maybe...
Positivity come back to me NOW!!!!


Rob and Kjerstin said...

I love the pictures! You had so many that were so good that the only problem will be picking one... :D

Naomi Alice said...

thank you!
And ooooh, you should see there is much more...
But I think we decided on which one use for the invitations... hahahaha! Yea I have to laugh, and once you'll get it you'll know why(:

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