Wednesday, July 2, 2008

wedding preparation

Friday we started our wedding plan, going ... shopping!!!!
Exciding?? Yes, very when had to do with finding the right matress and bed.
But very stressful once I realized that for a ring... I really had no clue. Yep. Not at all.
So my advise is for you single girl out there... Be ready!! The day will come, and it will make it so much easier hahahahaha(:

this IS our future matresssssss YES! so dang comfortable!

planning some more wedding stuff at the pool.
Not so bad now thinking about it. The all wedding thing from the engagement to the all planning has been between beach and pool (:


Rob and Kjerstin said...

Ok, if the picture of the two of you lying on the matress showed a little more of you and less of Christian that would be such a cute engagement picture!!! Seriously, has to be one of my favorites of the two of you so far... it just needs to show a little more of you ahaha. How funny would that be that your engagement picture was taken in the matress store on your future bed.. ha ha ha ;)

Oh well, I'm sure the engagement picture you choose will be just as cute, I just love the pose of this one!

Naomi Alice said...

oh really? Oh gosh.. I actually think we reeeaaallly need some help choosing out the engagement picture. We have so many cute once.. Now you know how bed I am on choosing stuff I wasn't actually ready to deal with hahahahahaha!

Rob and Kjerstin said...

Oh come on, don't be too hard on yourself...after all you did choose my brother and I gotta say that has to be the best choice you have ever made!! That in itself tells me that you have impeccable taste!! ;)

If you need help though you know I am always here!! Just send them on over to my email and I'll let you know what ones I like, no pressure though, it's YOUR wedding so I won't care if you don't like what I like :)

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