Sunday, August 3, 2008

Why not?

I'm trying to convince my grandmother Cecilia to take her first trip to "America", first airplain flight to come to our wedding in Atlanta. I mean come on.. She's 90 years old and she's in better shape then I am. Actually yes exactly that's how I've been feeling lately. I'm a little stuck or better say I've got a "little" problem with my back..
Anyways my grandmother survived II world war and you should hear her incredible stories. She survived a damaged heart, survived breast cancer, survived a life of hard work and nop she has never had back pain hahahahaha!
The funny thing is that back in the days, when my dad was little, nonna Cecilia was about to take a ship and go to the States to find work (like many other did),  after the war and during all that repression in Italy. But well, it is still so funny to hear this story, the way she says it, cause someone told her " where are you going? Don't go to "America", go to Switzerland!". And so she did, hahahahahaha!
So why not? After 60 years, why not take a dang plain and go see what's at the other side of that dang ocean??? You could be only surprised of what you could find (;

P.S. yes her sunglasses are as old as she is and I love it!

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