Monday, September 14, 2009


Isn't he adorable?
When I saw this I thought - "Oh my little Christian" hahaha! 
Then looking at the apparel I realized that I'll probably have to buy a collection of this cute little T-shirt for all our future little Christian :) 
"But wait I wonder if they have some for male, to give to my "big" Christian. Would he wear it? That snail might be a little too feminine for him. Maybe not, after all he is wearing the cap I gave him that says "Lost in Switzerland". 

And this is the day I discovered Little Bay Root and the snails of Gardener's torment  thanks to Sara .
Love the snails! I want one! I'll be back to check out more things soon!


Sara said...

I love these! And your post made me laugh.

However, I must admit a part of me was hoping the post would be all about you guys moving to Portland, but no such luck.

Naomi Alice said...

hey you'll never know. For now I'll buy a shirt.. all in baby steps hahaha!

How are you doing? How is your trip going? We want to see pictures and hear all about the crazy stories, yes especially the wierd once :)

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