Wednesday, September 30, 2009

dreming a little

Lately I'm all over the places. I won't explain why and what's going on with me cause I'm trying to figure it out myself. I just say that's what fall brings to me. But mostly I'm in a Christmas mood and crafty one.

The past days I've found out that my husband would like to take me to Portland on our first anniversary. Yes you heard it right, it is our first in exactly a month! .. ~~ ':) !!..;"~ :)!! .. ;;"!~:).. that's me giggling like a little girl right now hahaha!

Anyways, it would be a big stretch for us right now if we get to do that, but oh it would be so great!
See family and friends? That's what I need right now. See the beautiful Portland? Oh goodness FINALLY! Get to walk in some rain? I heart good air! especially after being sick for 2 weeks around this bed air of fires here in LA.

So I'm all over the places. I'm dreaming like a little girl about some family and friends quality time, the gardens, the greeeeen around you, the noises and smells of a new city and.. Saturday market. Oh and art galleries??.. Oh and it's gonna be Halloween.
Yea ok I admit I've already been checking online for events of the season and offers at the market , cause.. I just can't wait :)

{pictures by Sara} I might finally get to see it :)
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