Sunday, January 10, 2010

{calendar} 2010

I love calendars. I don't know why. I still have to figure it out.
I usually have around more then one, and usually it's cause I love the pictures on it. I love those big photography of food delights for my kitchen, cute drawings for the bedroom, and some of beautiful Swiss scenery (since I'm faraway) for the living room.
But don't take me wrong, beside the pictures I'm that kind of person that has to write down everything to not forget them. So I do have my lists all over the places. I do prefer calendars by far.. ooh every year I need to make sure I don't "over collect" them hahaha :)
Here is a calendar 2010 for you to make your very own, provided by Something's Hiding in There. To download and print go directly on their site here.
How lovely and nice to make this available for everyone :) thank you!

great idea of chalkborad calendar by Something's Hiding in There, via Sincerely Katrina
i just discovered them and loOVE them!

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Sara said...

I am a fan of calendars too! I always seem to buy one or two each year before I remember that I also am usually gifted a couple. This year, I have 2 calendars in my tiny home and 3 at work.

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