Thursday, January 7, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR in Icy Cakes!

Bakerella made it again: ooh I feel in wonderland right now looking at this!

dreamy cake anyone?

the beautiful little artist, Emelie from Sweden

I just can't believe of such beautiful "baking"outside in the cold.. who can handle that and on top making such little cute pieces with gloves on?? Let me tell you I'm amazed.
It brings me back into the past, when little girl I used to play with snow until I had to go back inside, cause mom said so, not cause I wanted to. And ok, cause it was just good sense to get back inside when it became dark. For me I could have slept outside in the little igloo I had made. But hey, what can adults understand about the beauty of being outdoors playing with the beautiful creamy white snow? Cold? Naaaaa!

I just couldn't resist! Thank's Bakerella for sharing with us. What a great story, a great way to deal with it and creative and even more beautiful work. Read more about Emilie's story.

I wish my husband was still here with me today (flew back yesterday to LA), cause with all the snow we got here in Switzerland tonight, I would have dragged him out to "bake" something delicious with me :) For some reason today I don't like snow without him.. (missing him terribly?? naa..). I can't wait to have some little girls to do some stuff like this.. :)

That your 2010 may be as colorful, as bright, as creative, as sweet, as amazing, as dreamy, as fresh, as delightful! :)


Crystal HW said...

VERY COOL!!!!! To bad my little girl is too impatient to do something like that with me this year. OH well, next year maybe.

Naomi Alice said...

yea I think it's really cool as well :) What a great idea!

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