Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i think I'm gonna bake tonight

Treccia Bernese, Zopf Bread

I need a brake from packing, and all the other 100 things I need to do before flying back to LA. Baking relaxes me for some reason and the choice was easy... I wanted to finish in a very Swiss way :)
My bro and I had fun in my mom's little kitchen {my pictures and more info to come}.

{pictures by kitschenette and Once upon a cakestand}


Sara said...

Feel free to have your pilot make a quick detour to Portland. :)

Baking relaxes me as well. But if I don't bake for a large group, then I end up eating way to much food.

Crystal HW said...

MMmmm! That looks so yummy!!!
I will be baking as soon as my kitchen is clean enough I do not feel guilty. I too find baking relaxing.

Naomi Alice said...

the pilot left me on land...
Don't know if to be happy or not. Nice to spend more time with families, but I now miss home and spend some time with my husband!!!
Might as well bake some more then this week-end hahahahaha!

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