Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I don't know what's wrong with me.. Although I'm sick, I still have the energy to think about.. pastries and baking and new recipes to make???? what?

I've had millefeuille (mille foglie) in my mind the past days, and exactly the one illustrated below. It has been one of my favorite pastries of all times since little girl, and I still l-l-love it!
Christian had his first few months ago, on our Christmas trip back home in Switzerland. Oh and he lOvEd it! In fact he has been trying all kind of desserts but always went back to millefeuille with creme patissiere (crema pasticciera)

Although it is not the time for me to start making stuff in the kitchen since I've almost packed everything for our move in few days, this is on my to do list for the next month, as long as Frittelle di Carnevale. I'm sure the list will get even longer before I'll actually be able to bake again. I guess next time I'll be able to make this delicious desserts I'll be in Portland. I'm sure I'll find some new people to serve my desserts since as you know.. I usually don't really eat them :)

{picts. via BettyBossi, Tongue in Cheek and Foodbeam}


Sara said...

It is good for you then, that I have an incurable sweet tooth. Good (and a little bad) for me too. Looks like my gym attendance is going to need to increase...a lot! :)

Crystal HW said...


You will be closer to me now! Only 14 hrs away by car! SO excited!!!!!! And we are already planning on a trip there in the coming year as his brother is moving there in a couple weeks.

Sorry to hear you are sick. HOpe you feel better soon. That pasty looks Divine!

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