Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rain-boots painted by.. YOU

I love to put colors in to gray rainy days.
For some reason in Europe winter and gray days are usually colored by dark tints. And here I'm talking mostly about Switzerland, Italy and the countries around it. I don't really get it, I mean usually when it rains it's already gray enough. Why then put on a black jacket, black shoes, black skirt and .. black umbrella? Oh you rarely see an umbrella that sticks out of the normal black, and that would be... mine hahahahaha!
I put color whenever there is a chance. My umbrella is red, my boots brown (always better then black), and scarfs are made to have one of each color you like :)

Keiner zu klein, Künstler zu sein ~ None is too young to become an artist

"There's no way I want to have my kids grow up in dark boots and dark umbrella".

Couple years ago, this was one of the reasons I was giving myself to move out of the beautiful city of Zürich that I loved so much, but where it rains and it's grey 9 months a year:

Thank goodness, art and colors are available now:
Art-painting days at Globus all around Switzerland.
For only SFR.10.- you get a pair of kids boots and you get to use all the accessories to make your very own piece of art on it. Love the idea! Great price too :) Vive la Suisse!!

Basel 17. und 20. März (14-17 Uhr)
Bern City 17. März (13-16 Uhr), 20. März (10-16 Uhr)
Bern Westside 24. März (13-17 Uhr), 27. März (10-16 Uhr)
Chur 24. bis 27. März
Genf 24. März (11-18 Uhr), 27. März (11-17 Uhr)
Glattzentrum 30. März bis 3. April
Lausanne 17. bis 20. März
Locarno 2., 3., 6. und 7. April
Luzern 17. bis 20. März
Neuchâtel 14. und 17. April
St. Gallen 17. bis 20. März

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