Wednesday, May 5, 2010

mamma loves handmade {recipes, how to tutorial}

the simple things you can do with your hands
~cause it is May and it is Mother's day~

There's is nothing better then a great dessert, a very natural bouquet of flowers and a nice sweet card from your heart

cute sweet book: 

how to - by Frolic:

other beautiful photography by:


Helen said...

Thanks for the recipes, I love the way your blog is <3

Naomi Alice said...

Thank you Helen:)
I hope you can enjoy Mother's day and make something special. I love this recipes.. oooh so yummiiii! Let me know if you are gonna try them out.
Baci N:)

Chelsea said...

Thanks very much for including me! The photo with the blue background and garden roses is by Lisa Warninger. Lovely selections.

Naomi Alice said...

Oh Thank you for that info Chelsea. I did forgot where I got couple of pictures, and that really bugs me cause I want to make sure the credit goes where it should.

I love your blog! Thanks to Sara believe it or not it is one of the very first I read, back 3 years ago when I still didn't know what a blog was, I had to organize a wedding, and I needed help! Oh what a discovery, it changed it all hahahaha!

Wow it makes me so proud to have you as a follower of mine now :) Thank you :)

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