Friday, May 21, 2010

Tableau Noir "fixe&Flex"

I love practical useful things.. and for that Vive la Suisse! hahaha

great idea and cheap too

Betty Bossi has done it again :) Love her products!


Sara said...

Ooh. I really like this. I'm sure there will be room in your luggage for this, right? hahaha.

Naomi Alice said...

hahaha, you really want it? It's really cool hu :)

Ok bring it on. I'll get it for you. I should get one for myself but I'm not really on the shopping mood right now since we are still on the move and all.. So you'll have to try it and tell me all about how much you loooooove it hahahaha!

Can't wait to have kids and have this all over the places :)

And if anyone else wants it let me know.

Crystal HW said...

Sam would have a hayday with that. I could put it up on her bedroom wall and let her draw to her hearts content!
Where can I get one?

Naomi Alice said...

You can buy it on the web site "Betty Bossi" linked on the post. The charge for shipping outside Switzerland and Liechtenstein is SFr. 15.90 on top of the SFr. 18.90 of the product. If I were you I would look at more products since you are paying for shipping. Betty Bossi is so great! I love her recipes! Take advantage of it! :)

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