Wednesday, May 19, 2010

taste you want to wear

.. actually, it makes me want to eat it. Yea I love to eat.
When creativity and taste create some new horison you get beautiful incredible delicious work 
this is my favorite.. love this bonnet! 
But then again.. who can stop loving more?
no this ring would not last long in my hand.. Prosciutto di Parma mmmmmmmmmmm!

Fulvio Bonavia- amazing awards winning photographer, art designer.
His work is incredible. Ideas of organic food and flowers are just fantastic and his book "a matter of taste" is one to keep. Can't stop watching :)

{via Lushlee}


Sara said...

For some reason the artichoke hat kind of creeps me out. But I love the aubergine shoes and the top bonnet.

Naomi Alice said...

hahahaha, I actually really like that hat! Hey this could be a new entry in your closet full of hats :)

Crystal HW said...

Definetely some cool stuff!

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