Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zurich-San Francisco

I've actually already taken this Swiss air plain from Zurich to San Francisco before. It's pretty cool. Available only in summer time, it makes the trip so much better. I loved it.
Now that I live in California, nonstop from west coast directly to Switzerland? Yes thank youuuuuu!

The news is that there's an open competition to win two business class tickets for a once in a lifetime trip to San Francisco.
Now this is the part I like.. You've got to sing babe!! Yep you heard me. And you are gonna do it with flowers in your hair :)
If right now I would have more time for myself I would totally do the video karaoke "Sing Francisco" for a chance to win. I think we really need more people trying, cause in my opinion there isn't much creativity in the videos submitted. So take a chance and win it!

{thanks to Sara who just wanted to see me singing :) You are lucky.. If I was still in Portland you bet I would drag you up to the Rose Garden with me to make some cool video!!! hahahaha}


Sara said...

I think you should count yourself lucky you aren't in Portland. I am practically tone deaf. My singing wouldn't win any awards...unless we had a way to make the video loop and repeat again and again. They would vote for it, just so it would stop playing and they didn't have to hear my voice! hahaha.

Naomi Alice said...

hahaha, hey that would be fun!!! I think you could totally distract them with your acting or.. hey your kikking (soccer) :)

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