Wednesday, August 25, 2010

RUN! Shade is leaving us!

Quite Tragic I know!

I'm so serious, I'm Shocked. I'm totally a Shade girl, I've seen it grow from the very first year they started in 2004 selling their first Cap Sleeve and Baby Tee. I fell in love with it. 

That's all I wear everyday in some ways. 

There has been a lot of other people and companies that have tried to do and make the same thing, but like Shade there's none. They stayed true to their simple, comfortable, fashionable but modest standard and on top of that what makes their product one of a million - their quality is impeccable like no other
Their impact in the fashion industries has been a strong one, as much in woman's hearts.

Unfortunately the news is true!

Shade will be closing their doors selling everything within inventory and assets. Closing stores, website, everything to go dark for what they say "a period of time- there is not a set timeline for our return".

For those of you who know their FABULOUS products, the letter of the founder about the liquidation is quite a shocking news.
Everyone is talking  about  it, and I'm sure there's a lot of confusion going on.

Some time I'd love to sit down and chat with this amazing lady. Chelsea Rippy founder and owner. She has done a great job and brought a lot of people to the attention of what woman's clothing can really be. 

RUN if you can to the last liquidation event. Online there's not much left!



Thousands of items, everthing must go.
Friday, August 27th 8am - 7pm
Saturday, August 28th 8am - 3pm

Located at the Shade Warehouse, 864 South 490 W, Pleasant Grove, UT 84602.


{Last chance and products at Shade, Liquidation Events}
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