Saturday, December 11, 2010

fluffy, over clouds

Little cute pieces I've been looking at and loved while thinking "baby and candid thoughts" .. Ok I might have been thinking baby girl thoughts hahaha!
So darling, I absolutely adore all of them! 

Oh they will be on my list till I'll be able to get them :)

{on Etsy for you:
Multibubble scarf by Clariceonline, Rose pink Crochet fingerless glowes by Happyestore, Perennial Moment print by Papermoth
Rain cluds by Almapottery, Pink Reversable beret by Sweatpeatoadtots, Organic booties for Newborn by Sweatpeatoadtots
Josie and her Hot Sheep Ballon by Heatherfuture, Apple-Jacket by Handamade, Clock love birds by Bonnie1982}
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