Saturday, June 14, 2008

aaaallll the way to you..?

Well I ended up coming back to Cali at 6 in the morning... I was too tired to actually leave late at night/morning. It took me 3 hours 40 min. not too bad.
So nice to be back!!! Kinda strange since you are not here... Wait, why again you are not here??.. hahahahaha(:

So I found out I have a new hobby.. yep. Well taking pictures while driving is not big news for me, butttttt.... names of signs! Ever thought about that? Took me couple hours to actually realize what I was doing hahahahahaha! Ok you can laugh.
And I think by the time I started to like names of signs I was already in California.

... ooooooooooo..

The Apple Valley, can't really read it but it is there.. I love Apple!!!!

Back home is a city in the middle of the country Lucerna/ Luzern.. yea well ok Lucerne (:

Which way? San bernardino is a ski resort back home, and I used to go all the time when I was little. My dad used to take us there as kids. As we didn't have much money we only had some old cross-country skiis, and used them for that aaaaand for downhill.. so imagine that hahahahaha! that was fun though (:

feel like it right now!

Oh nice! this is my favorite,.. of course flowers(:

I think here "Del Mar Bl" wins big times... Il mare!

Yep you are in NY right NOW! U punk..

yes yes YES! Arrived!

Oh loook at this! Why is it all I see around are all this beautiful flowers? I mean it is beautiful

gotta look for that church

gotta look for that volkswagen

Brier Ave, here it is.. up there!

It’s funny, it’s like there’s a story behind every sign. I’m still not sure if actually all this was more to make sure I would find the way next time I need to go around, hahahahaha! Or let's put it this way, this could be for help to you in case you know.. I'll get lots while going to get you at the airport or.. you know, won't show up or something (: hahahahahaha!

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