Saturday, June 14, 2008

missing you

For those who don't know I'm sooooo blessed enough to have got some really great friends that i looooove. Incredible and some very creative one.
Cathrin provided me with many special messages for my crazy trip.. and she just... she's amazying. Thought of e v e r y t h i n g, yep! She provided every envelope with something special/useful and a note. Love you girl! Thank youuuuuuu!
So Saturday I did some things once I got here.. and well, few more things I ended up doing while being here ALONE..

Food! Was supposed to be for other kind of snaks but... this is emergnecy, I need something in my stomac NOW!

Oh gosh! This is amazing. I didn't bring anything for work, since I really needed a brake from it... but how cool and refreshing to find a paperbook and pencil to start drawing again. It is a wedding dress. Not mine. I design wedding gowns hahahahahaha(:

YES!!! I knew i could find MORE food, great! And this is an important time of the month since I crave something that is not HERE. Chocolate? What's wrong with me? I never eat chocolate..

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