Thursday, June 19, 2008


Oh gosh this was fun! Disnayland aaaaaall day. Sunshine, rides, waiting in line, talking and laughing, ice cream, waiting in line again, fries, more sunshine, and oooh water yes lots of water please, more waiting in line and .. and oops bathroom (like 8 times that day,..), more talking and laughing about Christian's stupid habbits (: and oh, you didn't even know that both your parents have been to Switzerland??? What? That's so cool!!! Taking more pictures, and sunshine, and rides again, and oh wait.. I forgot! Kisses and lots of kisssssessssss till Anne finally had to kick us to move on, and... mmmm... well lots of things like this, but mostly happiness and relax time, was just a beautiful time to be together and meet Anne for me (:
Loved it! Thank youuuu(:

The Matterhorn/ Cervino!!!

ooooh so cute and happy!!!

I just love this one... (:

mmmmmmm, yea we love eachother (:(:(:

my cute mini... Ok at some point I've got to stop putting feminin stuff on your hair... right hahahahahaha!

who cares about castles, but I've got my prince!!!!

Ok, if you can learn their names in Italian you are 1/2 way. Ready?? Dotto, Cucciolo, Pisolo, Brontolo, Eolo, Gongolo, Mammolo

Alice nel paese delle meraviglie!!!

Where ARE we???

oooh I love youuu

Yes, we are cuuuuuuute! (: And this is when we got lost going in to caves around the little island... (: hahahahaha!

Cute!!(: and if you call her short round again, I've got to find a nickname for UUUUUU!!!!!

Anne driving a red porsche!!! Nice!

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Rob and Kjerstin said...

Ok, here come the comments...:)

First of all, I have to say that if you still want to be apart of this family after spending the entire day with our mother in that outfit, you must be a saint!! I'm sorry, Mom I love you, however that hat... you wouldn't be seen with me in that!! haha :D

Plane ticket to CA:$250, day pass to Disneyland:$60, ice cream treat at park:$6, seeing Christian in Mini Mouse ears:priceless!! I gotta say I think it is hilarious that you are able to get him to wear those in public without a child there begging him to! See, now if that isn't true love right there, I don't know what is!!hahaha

You guys have some really cute pictures in here and I love how you randomly put in one of a flower you saw:)

I'm extremely jealous that we couldn't come too, but maybe one day we'll get together and go too... but then again I would settle for a trip to Italy ;D

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