Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ok... here it is..

I know I'm a week behind with my posts and I will post everything that is missing later, butttttt right now i've really got to tell you something cause it is fantAAAAAASTIC!!!! Meravigliooooooso!! E si.. it is a great news to scream out laud!
Una notizia importante che devo dire al mondo intero..

WE ARE ENGAGED! We are getting married, we Are getting married, yes we AAAAARE getting MARRIEEEEEDDDD!!! CI SPOSIAMOOOOOOOO!!!
Oh gosh, I don't know how many times we have repeated this, and still are... It just amazes us, and it's just so crazy and normal at the same time and .. wonderful. We just love eachother so much.. mmm yea, just a little hahahahaha(;

The moment we got engaged and we picked a date at the beach in Santa Monica, that was Saturday June 21st 2008!

We are just sooo happy!

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Rob and Kjerstin said...

So excited for you guys!! I know it'll be a long next couple of months (Rob and I were a part for three an a half months while were engaged) but you will survive and you MUST keep updating your blog so all of us over in the states still know what's going on with you!!

Just so you both know, you're lucky Rob isn't coming, he got excited for minute last night at the thought of being a bride's maid and getting to wear a bright, very large, pink dress!! haha Don't worry, if I wouldn't allow my mother to wear the floppy red hat with me at Disneyland, there is no way my husband would get away with wearing a dress, none the less a bright pink one! I've got you covered :) hahahaha

K seriously have to go now, lunch break is over and the financials are calling my name...Love ya both!!

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