Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our fantastic Friday!!!!!!!

Friday 21st-a week ago
We got engaged! / We picked a date for our wedding / Lost car key / happiness / laugher / and moooore (:

It all started one morning, Friday morning.. A beautiful sunny day, perfect day to go to the beach. So we did!
Santa Monica just sounded perfect. I love Santa Monica you know? Well yes I do. So we get there.. and all is gooooood..

see this??

if you look closer you might find it...??

Found it yet?

But wait, at this point we still didn't know what was going on...

so here we are just enjoying the beach

even the ombrella guy just does his job.. (:

and right here we got engage! We finally decided to pick a date for our wedding! Yessssss! And we will do anything to make it happen at that date, no matter what (: Nothing will stop us!

we are happy.. REALLY happy and can't stop repiting what just happened.. "We are getting married!!!!!!!", Yep we are (:(:(:(:

but guess waht?? The day is the perfect one till this very moment. When we decide it is time to go eat something and..... ooops! ..

.. where are the keys to the car????? No keys? in the begs? in the car? in... the send??? in the OCEAN??? probably one of last too options.. yep.

so ends up, we call some locksmith to come to the beach to make us a new key. We waited around 1 hour or actually more.. in the sun, and that was a hot hot day. Waited them to do their job in "no time".. about another hour and more, under hot hot California sunshine getting all over UUUUUs. See here? Open the obrella? MY idea!!!! Yep (: hahahahaha!

between some frozen joghurt

and some exchange of hat... shade pleeeeease!!!

Yep.. still working... still waiting.. soon we'll be on our way or actually....

Soon we'll have a key worth $351!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we only knew.... And of course something has to happen don't you think? I mean since 1/2 a year now things have happened over and over, even before getting the ticket to actually come here (we should write down the all story one of this days). What you think, it is gonna stop now??? NOOOOOOOO... would be way to nice, hahahahaha(:
But oh well, not even at this moment the day is ruined, cause all we can do is be happy, yep. Cause WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!
Let's say that at list for that day those 351$ were in one side of our brain that later... the next day, days, week, month.... year? well, after that day it came back to us just feeling not to good about that money that could have been well spent in... let's see, pick something from the loooong list. But anyways, let's go back on Friday!
Cause the day is not gone, and happiness is all we have around us and in us today(:

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