Sunday, July 13, 2008

rules of engagement: #1

in the event that a marriage is on the horizon, the engagement period should be a time spent together. granted, in our situation, we really don't have much of a choice. i mean, Naomi is the Switzerland and I'm in LA, distance is something we HAVE to deal with. but if you can avoid it, please do so.

in my opinion the time before the wedding needs to be a time of fun, excitement, anticipation, planning, and just spending time with each other. i wish i could experience this first hand.

in all honesty, being far away from the one you're going to marry is no way to have an engagement (unless you have no other choice.) naomi is the right one, the best one, the most beautiful one. i love her so completely that now, it's a miracle to think i've lived 34 years without her. but today is one of the days when just having her hand to hold onto would be the better than celebrating a decade of christmases.

i miss you.

one week gone. one week closer to you. i love you (and yes, i'm counting down the weeks.)

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Rob and Kjerstin said...

Spending time apart before the wedding... yeah I could have told you that is a terrible idea!! I honestly feel for you because I've been there, but it'll go by and soon, you'll be together again, just as poor and happy as ever!! hahahaa ;)

However they do say "Absense makes the heart grow fonder"... At this point though, listening to you and reading your comments, I'm not sure it is possible for you two to be more in love than you already are. Hang in there, it may feel like, it I promise it won't last forever :)

Love ya!!

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