Monday, July 14, 2008

jeans or dress?

designing for others- easy!
making a dress for me-I'm oooooh so close to go to my wedding in my blue jeans!!!!! Yes you heard me!
Finding out what actually fits ME:


Rob and Kjerstin said...

Ok, no offense, but those pictures are terrible!! You can't see anything! And I'm sorry, you are not wearing blue jeans to your wedding!! Naomi, I love you, but you are a wedding gown designer, if anything else, it is not good for business for you to wear jeans to your own wedding!!! Lol, I just won't allow it! That just isn't how it works... however you can wear tennis shoes under your dress because your feet will want to revolt against you ahahahaha :)

Naomi Alice said...

Well that was the all point.. to not show anything!!! hahahahahaha(:
And to make it a little "easier" yes I've got the all pressure that this is my job, so I can't really mess it up with my own dress. Plus I really have no time to be thinking too much, as supliers in Italy close down the all month of August and beginning of Septmber. If something goes wrong... oh gosh, not good!!
But hey!! Who talked about faith few days ago?????... hahahahahahaha(:
At list after all I'm one of the few to be able to wear a wed. dress 3 times(:

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