Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a sad Goodbye

Just in case.. Tears, unhappy, sad?..

Remember how my dear friend Cathrin prepared me tuns of surprise envelpes for my trip? Well I left this one for the day of "goodbye"...

From top left:
Nothing as good as curry-wurst! Thank's so much for supporting me with the girls. They loved you
Always by your side
Picnic on a Sunday afternoon. Your favorite place. Right by YOUR new appartement.
Laughing about nothing
The "i get look" when there's nothing to get
Crazy?! no-not us!! Silly-hilarius-real funny? Yes that's us!!
Home sweet home
Yes, we do need men.. but not just any. It should be an Ian-type at least!!

Oh gosh, you ROOCK girl!!
thank u!

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