Saturday, July 5, 2008

my last burger!!

Got to love those palm trees(: and yes I dooooo!


Rob and Kjerstin said...

Not that I'm distracting from the fact that you are now no longer to eat our wonderful american burgers, but your caption says "My last burger" and I look down to see a soda cup... now I don't mind, but I expected to see a picture of a burger hahahaha. I'm just slightly disappointed that you didn't take a picture of the burger itself.

I still love ya though!! However my curiousity has now spiked with wanting to know what it looked like!! Last burger in america... was it good?????

Naomi Alice said...

oh gosh you should know that I ate 2 portions of fries and a cheese burger before Christian could even finish his double burger and his 1 portion of fries... that's why what I had left was the cup of soda to take a picture of hahahaha!
Yep, I was a little nervous, and when that happen and food is infront of my, that's what happens... I realized just once I was done, and when I felt like ... you know, not so good in my stomac(:
But wait, the answer is YESSS it was gooood!

Naomi Alice said...

wait just to make clear the 3 portions of fries where supposed to be for the both of us.. It won't happen again, I promise!

Rob and Kjerstin said...

That is hilarious!! That is how Rob and I are when we go to Cafe Rio and decide to share... I eat way too much too fast because I don't want him to eat it all!! When food taste good it's so hard to maintain control! You know if you think about, if God hadn't given us noses, it would force us to slow down when we eat...sorry that was a really random thought there!!

I love your blog, the pictures are sooooo cute!! I seriously can't wait until October/November when we are all in GA!!

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