Saturday, July 12, 2008

I feel like "nel paese delle meraviglie"

Today was an amazing day! (:

I didn't realize it before, but it's mostly now that I'm finally enjoying my happiness with the people I love, about me getting married to the most amazing guy ever.
I mean Christian had this the all time, talking, calling and stuff with his family and friends. I'm finally doing this now that I'm back, and I get to tell the all story to all the people that are wondering .."where the heck this guy came out from?? What? You are getting married?" Anyways, it's not all like that, it's actually really really a nice experience. It is in moments like this that I realize how many people I have around me that looOOove me so much. It's amazing, I feel so greatly blessed I can't describe.

This all decision, this all experience I'm taking with Christian, is giving me other amazing experiences at the same time that are just surprising me and making me even more happy. I mean, today? You should have seen me. I couldn't really see myself while I was smiling to people when I was talking about Christian... of corse. But all I know is that I felt like my all face was about to explode for how much I was stretching that smile out and how much I wanted to stretch it even more, hahahahahaha! Oh gosh, that was funny actually, never felt like my face would explode for a smile that seemed just a little part of what I wanted to give. Not at this point anyways.

I love this, I love all this, thank you.. I just love U (:
I only wish you could be here to see how much people that love me are excited about all this, excited to meet you and happy for us(:

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