Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm back to "greenland" - and oooh gosh it is beautiful!

I finally made it home in Lugano. Here I am- tuns of people to see and "tell all about", work, and prepare a wedding with 3 receptions .. wait, that would be my wedding(:
Oh yea, and my sis Ilaria, Benjamin and Aurora are also here. They left a day after me, but got here before me. I mean it's like I never left them..hahaha love it(:

But hey for now my attention goes at what's around me. Just look it here!!
It's fantastic how green everything is! I mean, it's only been, how many weeks? 5 weeks I was gone, but I guess all that desert really made me forgot what the color "green" looks like.
I like this time of year, actually mostly spring time and fall. That's when you see the season change and color arise and bright up everything around you.

This is also a time of day I love. In late afternoon/evening, when the sun goes down there's that fantastic light, and for some reason color look brighter then ever. WOW! It's fantastic!!! It really is. I feel like take it all in, and so I do (: Colors and Aurora I think go perfectly together. I just couldn't not take some picture shots of such beauty.

I know the colors almost look fake, but really It is all real

bellissimi colori e bellissima Aurora

posing in her own way

she can't miss this one. One of her favorite position

che bellezza..

"please don't tickle me..!!! please..?"

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