Sunday, July 27, 2008

I finally get to see you all together

I love this picture.. and same smiles(:
Can't wait to meet you all!


Rob and Kjerstin said...

Oh my, you had to post a picture... I promise to never bother you with your lack of consistantly updating us all, if you will no longer post our pictures. The reason you never see me in pictures on our blog is the same reason I am not a fan of you having pictures of me on yours. I take picitures, I don't enjoy being in them!!! hahaha oh well, you're new at this, I'll teach you.

When you look like your 16, but really you are 22, having your picture taken is forbidden!!! It's ok though, you didn't know, lets just not make a nasty habit of it!! hahaha :P

Naomi Alice said...

hahahahaha, ok let me teach you that you look great! and since is one of the few pictures I got from Christian, I just love it even more. I promise, I won't make it an habit, but be ready for more.. at list the wedding one ok? (:

Rob and Kjerstin said...

I'll have to warm up to the idea and maybe go tanning... I look older when I'm tan hahaha. You're new to family so I'll give you some slack :)

So excited for the wedding!

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