Sunday, July 27, 2008


naomi and i had this conversation way back when we were still deciding on a date to get married. the coversation went something like this: our marriage isn't going to be that difficult. we are so on the same page with nearly everything. we communicate so well, and we nearly think the same thoughts (though hers are in italian and mime are in english, mostly.) what will be difficult is the "getting married."  so let me introduce you to the obstacles we were facing this last week. 
1. making sure the immigration service forms are all filled out correctly and then turned in quickly. they said that it can take up to six months to process (ours is a simple case which should take about 2 to three months) - we're betting on the fact that all of our forms will be filled out correctly. government forms are like taxes. if you take the time to do them correctly, then the process is fast. so all this last week, i have been going over every possibility of how to file these forms, which forms to file, how to submit evidence supporting the nature of our relationship, and such. pretty much, if there is a question about how to bring your finacée into the United States, i have researched the answer. it' really not that difficult if you provide all the information up-front, not trying to hide anything. so that is what we have done. and luckily if there is a question, the immigration office that processes these requests for the entire western US is just 40 minutes away. hahahahaha, we lucked out.

2. the next this is that i am having to move. that's right, last week i was told that we had a week to vacate the house in which my roommate and reside. so suddenly, i had no place to live. and then i had to pack everything up with no place to move to and no where to put my things. well that was remedied by naomi's stroke of genuis. i will be spending two weeks in portland on a film shoot, and i just needed a place to stay for two weeks during the month of august. and yesterday, i found a place - with a bed even.

3. yesterday upon returning from orange county, my car stalled just as i was getting home. so, again suddenly, i was without reliable transportation. my porsche had needed a new fuel filter for quite some time, and yesterday after reaching speeds of a 135 mph on the raceway we were filming, the fuel filter finally clogged. yes. it will run for two blocks and then clog again. it took me nearly three hours to find a fuel filter, and finally after calling 17 auto parts stores, i found one. i'm installing it tonight once the sun goes down so it's not so hot.

so, there you have it. and this is just one week. if i were to go into detail about everything else that has happened during the weeks previous, i think that it would be just too discouraging. for everyone else, think you for your love and support.


Naomi Alice said...

Good news!!!! We're NOT gonna have any kind of problem getting married even if we don't get my visa on time. Everything is being taken care of, as long as we file everything before hand. Sooooo YESSSSS!! A BIG BIG HuGE part of stress is relived. Thank youuUUU(: Love U!

Naomi Alice said...

ok... I've got to resign that.. and NO doesn't make me happy at all

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