Monday, August 4, 2008

rules of engagement: #4

be prepared.

if anyone has told that the engagement process is fun, they should be taken to a mental institution straight-away.  this is not fun and anyone who says different... is a liar. just today i confirmed with three other couples, and the story was the same: the moment you get engaged, expect things that you have never imagined to start happening.  

this week, my car did break down.  the computer (which never breaks down) broke down.  it ended up costing $1000.  one week ago, i was living in nice home with privacy.  now i'm bunking it in an apartment with no privacy.  it's ridiculous.  but what can you do except to "pick yourself up. dust yourself off. and start all over again."  

sometimes i feel like the only thing keeping me focused is the end result.  Naomi and I will be married in the temple.  we will have a family.  we will be together.  this is what will happen.  no matter how many obstacles appear in our way.  no matter how long it will take. this is the end result.  everything that happens between here and there will just prolong the inevitable.  it cannot change the end result.  so let it rain when it rains.  it won't rain forever.


Rob and Kjerstin said...

It won't rain forever and that moment the rain ceases, the clouds break and the light pushes it's way through... it's a moment worth standing in the rain for.

Rob and Kjerstin said...

Oh, and by the way, add me to your list, I hated the engagement part...especially when you are so far away from your fiance

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