Saturday, August 9, 2008

remember that day?

We'll make it, you'll see
even with all the frustration, I know we will (:
Even if that means I'll be kicked out of your country 100 times, I'm still marring you.
I think I'm slooowly getting used to the idea/or possibility, so I promise we'll be fine.
I just need to have a suitcase always ready... just in case(: And no, none can say our life will be a boring one hahahahahahaha!


Rob and Kjerstin said...

Do you think I could fit inside your suitcase?? I really wouldn't mind being deported with you, I mean come on, who really wants to go through that alone right? I'd be happy to come with you!!! I always wanted to see Europe :)

hahaha ;)

cwalburger said...

Thinsg will work out. Sometimes, things happen for a reason. The harder it is, the better the end result will be. You two are in our thoguhts and prayers.

nnardotto said...

oh goodness, thank you all(:
Yes Kjerstin you don't only can come with me, but you have to. Not fun to travel alone at all. Specially if you get to be kicked out.. u know, that usually means people are not so nice to you..
But hey, we need as many prayers as anyone can possibly make. So people, please hear me out: we do need your prayers right now till november 1st at .. let's say 2 pm (eastern time) to make sure(:
After 2 pm, that's when we'll start feeling how goooood that "end result" is. Thank goodness(:
Thank YOUUUU!!!

nnardotto said...

have I mentioned how I'm at a ending spot right now. You think you are strong, but then you realize that goodness you are sooooo not!? Yep I'm at that point.. I'm now dreaming of better days(: hahahahahaha!

Rob and Kjerstin said...

Ok, it's settled then, I'm going. Just let me know and I'll be there... only problem is I don't think I could leave without my puppies, they'd be sooo sad and I'm sure Rob would want to come too, no one likes to stay home alone. You may need to pack a few suitcases, but I mean, they are kicking you out at this point, they don't know how much stuff you have.

I'll make sure they are nice to you, if not we will sick our dogs on them... they can kiss them to death. That'll teach them to be nice!!! hahahahahaha :)

Naomi Alice said...

yes, know what?? At that point I'll make sure THEY'll pay for my ticket and ALLL my extra suitcases I'll have with me. SO... feel free to take what and who you want hahahahahaha(:
Oh gosh, I'm gonna start dreaming this stuff soon or later if I don't stop thinking about it. For now my dreams are a big mess of bunch of people and places where lots is happening but we all are waiting for something specific, while fear is in us for something negative to happen.
Wait.. maybe I'm already dreaming about that...
Ok, relax time is needed HERE!!

Naomi Alice said...

by the way,
welcome Crystal! you are number 2 posting a comment on our blog!! Congratulationssssssss(:

Kjersting, you are no longer a lonely one on this..(:

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