Monday, August 11, 2008

rules of engagement #5

i don't have a rule this week.  after all, this is the first engagement i have been a part of, so i just don't have many knowledgeable things to share due to my lack of experience.  but i will say this, i do not want to go through this again. 

things change quickly.  one minute something goes wrong.  next minute, you're feeling better than ever before.  then somehow the you find yourself  just having fallen through the floor.  you just wonder, when is this going to level out?  truth is.  i don't know.

you feel weak.   you feel strong.  you feel invincible.  you feel vulnerable.  up, down, up, down.   just stop this amusement park ride and let me off.

but then you remember.  you remember things like the beach.  the day you lost your keys in the sand right after having chosen a date to get married.  and even after throwing away $360  on a custom-made key, it was still a good day.  why?  because we were together.  and that is when you realize that being together is the only thing that matters.  

naomi, i love you.  let's get lost in the caves and make out. :)


Naomi Alice said...

I would go back to Disneyland only for that hahahahaha! Love uU (:
till we'll meet in caves again... (:

Rob and Kjerstin said...

Remind me never to follow you guys into the caves if we go to Disneyland one day...

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