Friday, September 5, 2008

Cathrin is coming!!!!!

yep she is for the weekend.. gosh I'm so glad.  Is it only 2 weeks ago we were together? 
She sent me a text message few days ago asking me if it was ok she was coming. OOOOOh goodness!!! I have to say this week is an amazing week. Seems like the heavens are pouring down all of those blessings that honestly I haven't even thought about. Hmmmm.. might be cause I've actually reached my limit of insanity, so.. I mean, can't really go more forward then that, so let's go back to the other side(:
So yes.. it is a good week, and it is more then great for you to come. You crazy??? Why in the heck you even ask anyways??.. 

I need some fresh, good, stable, warm, normal, positive shot of something called friendship(: yea my insanity craves it!!

welcome to Lugano again Cathrin!

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