Friday, September 5, 2008

Separation Anxiety-DAY 1

I love you (:

That most be Marty.. and one of the many girlfriends ha(:

Pascal was so nice not only to take this pictures and sent them to me. But to turn on skype this morning/evening there, to actually see for few minutes all of them at work(: Wow that was so great.. And Christian still doesn't know hahahahaha(:
Merci, Merci, Merci!!!!!

Pascal é stato cosí gentile non solo a fare queste foto e mandarmele. Ma accendere skype questa mattina/sera li, per vedere per qualche minuto tutti loro al lavoro(: Wow, che emozione, fantastico!!! E Christian ancora non lo sa hahahahaha(:
Grazie Grazie Grazie!!!!!


cwalburg said...

that is great! Glad to see you are hanging in there, and gettign the blessings you deserve to get you through.

Naomi Alice said...

yea, blessings are here(: thank goodness. and Christian is the biggest BIGGEst one(: Oh I can't wait to marry him!!!!!
Everything is moving on, and since time got 1/2 way there, it is now running like crazy and I'm just trying to catch up with it.
Yea, I feel so waisted I just can't wait till.... all this is over. Sorry, so not nice to say something like this, but really.. it will be nice- THEN(:
still I enjoy everything I'm doing and it is dang exciting. Actually how weird will it be once I don't have this stuff to think about??
Ok no worries... I'll find something else hahahahaha(:

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