Sunday, September 21, 2008

Water Contest!

We found ourselves both miserable in bed, each with our own pain to deal with and trying to get better. But for now we are just more miserable then ever. I mean really, come OON! I can't even tell you what's going on with us, cause the question is what's NOT going on with us. We are practically dragging ourselves on. The good sign is that it is SO ridiculous that we just have to laugh at ourselves. 

So here is the thing. While taking our medications, sleeping most of the days and nights, eating something miserable (Him-ice cream.. Her- soup.. ????), and being dang board ( wouldn't be if we were finally TOGETHER), all this sharing it with each other thank's to skype of course, the highlight of our day is.. WATER!!
HERE COMES THE CONTEST -this really tells you how BOARD we are:

HIM- Fiji water. Whatever.. Yea nice flowers and all but..
HER- Freshly coming down from the beautiful amazing Swiss Alps water! YES!
I guess the contest will be open till someone of us will finally recover. You are free to comment!! Please help us out in this board-sickness- recovery time(: thanks!


Mark Feriante said...

I'm going to have to side with Swiss Alps just sounds better. Sorry Christian.

Rob and Kjerstin said...

See I gotta stick with the family on this one... I do like to have a good FIGI every once in a while. It just keeps me grounded, however, in Naomi's defense, I have not tasted the Swiss water and therefore cannot truly say which is the ultimate water drinking experience...

Love you guys!!

Naomi Alice & Christian said...

YESSS i got a new guest commenting!!!!!! hahahaha
and ok, we are tide on this one. Both of us is FINALLY doing better, and i guess I have to thank both Fiji and Aproz.

Naomi Alice & Christian said...

ok wait now Mark I think you should start writing something on your blog (:

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