Friday, September 18, 2009

{inspiration needed} for knitting scarf and something else?

for the past few years, every year around autumn/fall time, I knit a scarf for myself.

It has become a yearly goal of mine and I'm not sure how it started. I think mostly cause I really, really like fall time. Also when it comes to apparel, I love the cozy things you can wear while it's cold. This season brings out some of my favorite things to wear. Long knitted sweaters, big collars, long scarf...ooh yea!
Usually the scarf I see around that I really like are dang expensive and I just don't dare myself to spend that kind of money on it. No way! I rather spend that kind of money to buy the kind of wool I like to make it myself. Then at list it really has more value then buying it already made.

Another reason is that I give myself a chance to make something for me. I rarely do make something for myself and so it is a way to take care of me... at list once a year. Hey it all starts in baby steps right? :)

Well I don't knit a lot at all, I used to when I was younger and in school, so I really need some help with it. Usually to start out with it, then I can handle it. Believe it or not I don't have that great of memory when it comes to knitting. In a year long time I forget all the stitches I did last fall. So how do I do this now?

Well you should know I have a great aunt. Zia Mariuccia or Mary and she's the greatest at anything you call knitting. SO yes, I usually drive my aunt and I down to Italy around Como area (about 30 min. away from my home town Lugano-CH) to get some great wool, choose from amazing colors while taking a chance to taste some great Italian delicious food.
Then we spend an evening together where I usually drive her  CRAZY cause I don't want to make just any kind of scarf, but I kinda have to try out different things until I like it just the way I want it hahaha! Yep I usually know what I want, and.. I like challenge. It might end up looking simple but it won't be easy.. (this kinda sounds like the theme of my life hu?)

This year I'm way faraway from my zia Mary, but C. and I are planning to go visit home in Switzerland sometime between now and Christmas. So I need to be ready, cause a scarf has to be made also this year. And I'm actually thinking to also make something else in addition to it. A hat, or some kind of baby piece? I've got a ramble idea, but I still have to get the right inspiration.

So.. inspiration come to me! help!

{pict. on flickr by brenda and by elinknits}

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