Friday, September 18, 2009

.. mmM~eringue

an amazing design that let me with... some cravings!!! oh no!

Can you even tell at all??
On the top, some great French Meringue by Cafe Lynnylu .
On the bottom Meringue-Rings design by Tanja Hartman, via Cool Design . And when I mean rings, I mean that round shape thing you put on your fingers.
But be careful. If you think you can put this on and suck the delishes, soft,  tasty wipped egg whites and sugar mixture on the way to work, shopping or simple a walk, well.. you are wrong. This amazing rings are made out of industrial grade silicone. They are available in 3 different sizes and yes they look so dang delicius. Take a look, they are available at charles & marie .

mmm.. I'm not even hungry but well I guess that's what cravings are for. Some kind of palate torture??
Cause this left me with a big craving for one of my favorite desserts, la torta Meringata.

An Italian soft mixture of cream, egg whites, sugar and... more delicatesse all in a beautiful frame of meringues and stored in a freezer to become a delicius ice cream cake.
OOOOOh mmmmm it just won't get out of my head.. All I've got to do now is get over this dang flue and go back to bake for the love of beautiful cravings!!!

La Meringata recipe in Italian here and in English here

{pict. left by MeM Dessert,  right by Profiterol 2002}

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