Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a new place to be inspired

moving to a new place, new country and such left me with very little I used to work with, pass my time with and get inspired. And let's just say it: inspiration keeps me alive.
I then discovered the life of blogging which kept me company for a good 7 months. Oh gosh what you can find around! It is amazing!
I like to use my hands, see images in front of my eyes on a piece of paper, touch material, make shapes with my hands, color with real pencils ect, make my own inspired portfolio with scissors, glue and all kinds of materials and object I could find. "Upholster" the wals with my own projects, and inspiration boards.
But again, the resources have been very limited and so here I am, discovering a new world of digital colors and shapes, where well yes you can very much get inspired.
 And so be it. I started this blog turning 30 years old, not knowing exactly where my life was going, but very much excited for the adventures to come. And I have to say, my life did change big times. I've found my home finding the love of my life, my husband. All this experience and the few years before have opened up new ways, new doers in my life that truly make me happy like never before.
I now want to just keep going, get inspired by the goodly, simple things that make this world so dang fantastic!

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Crystal HW said...

BLogging helps me keep my sanity some days. I agree that when nothing else helps you get crative, the electronic age can help you find the resourses to get creative.

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